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Science-led biodiversity and nature analytics
for investment decision-makers


Investors & financial institutions need to understand how nature and biodiversity risk or impacts will affect the companies and countries in which they choose to invest today. 

Bringing an extensive track record and dedicated focus on nature and biodiversity, NatureAlpha's science-based datasets assess nature and biodiversity-related impacts, dependencies, controversies and management, and are designed to be applied at the asset, company and portfolio level. With over 30 submodules, data supports investors in understanding, managing and mitigating exposure of their investments to nature and biodiversity related risks and impacts, alongside their biodiversity footprint. 

Delivering insight aligned with evolving regulation and designed for investment decision makers, our nature & biodiversity analytics give asset managers, asset owners, and sustainability professionals consistent, science-based data for nature risk and impact decision-making.

135+ metrics covering nature & biodiversity risk, impacts and dependencies 

GeoVerse portal Visualisation of company locations, essential spatial biodiversity insights 

Dedicated focus, deeper 

supply chains, policy analysis

NatureAlpha biodiversity data

& nature-focused 
data at scale.

The NatureAlpha platform delivers user-friendly location-specific insights via an easily consumable interface or API to financial institutions, investors and ESG analysts, filling the gap for technology-powered provision of science-based, nature-focused asset level data at scale.

Location-specific insights & 

We provide financial institutions with increased access to the world’s most authoritative biodiversity data - going beyond lifecycle models to location-specific insights.
This includes our collaboration with the Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool (IBAT), an alliance between the United Nations Environment Programme – World Conservation Monitoring Centre, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), BirdLife International, and Conservation International, housing key global biodiversity datasets.

Helping both organisations and governments to enhance their decision-making for all matters affecting critical biodiversity, 
data is integrated into our biodiversity and nature metrics delivering location-specific insight aligned with evolving policy requirements.

NatureAlpha biodiversity data
NatureAlpha biodiversity data

Enter the 
GeoVerse portal 

NatureAlpha's GeoVerse is a user portal designed to enable interactive visualisation of company locations, essential spatial biodiversity insights and metrics. We're here to run you through a demo.

Nature accounting
Nature accounting portal

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