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Integrate science-led biodiversity and nature analytics
into your ESG analysis, reporting and
asset-level investment decisions with confidence.

One of the world's first providers of scaled asset-level biodiversity decision-support analytics for investors & capital markets, our insights & nature accounting platforms give asset managers, asset owners, and sustainability professionals consistent, science-based data for compliance and analysis, enabling investors to support a sustainable future for the natural world.

Investors & financial institutions need to understand how natural capital accounting and valuations
will impact the companies and countries in which they choose to invest today. 

Financial institutions globally will require biodiversity data to support their analysis of environmental risk and opportunity in order to meet fiduciary requirements. But whilst international regulators and financial institutions are demanding investor reporting on nature impact, there is a lack of credible data.

NatureAlpha fills this gap by providing science-based, machine-learning powered biodiversity analytics and nature accounting tools via API or platform to global financial institutions.

NatureAlpha biodiversity data

& nature-focused 
data at scale.

The NatureAlpha platform delivers user-friendly insights via an easily consumable interface or API to financial institutions, investors and ESG analysts, filling the gap for technology-powered provision of science-based, nature-focused asset level data at scale.

Data sources

Our platform encompasses a suite of analytic tools and exposure insights including intelligence signals and controversies, engagement guidance, and geospatial insights centred on simplifying and identifying the risk and impact of investment decisions on biodiversity and nature.

NatureAlpha biodiversity data
NatureAlpha biodiversity data

Nature-climate accounting, powering your reporting. 

The NatureAlpha Nature Accounting platform helps users overcome the challenge of reporting at the climate-nature nexus. Through an easily consumable interface to financial institutions, companies and sustainability or ESG analysts, nature accounting is accessible.

Nature accounting
Nature accounting portal

Measure your nature



Latest insight | COP15 

What does the new Global Biodiversity Framework mean for financial institutions? 

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