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Nature is the foundation upon which our global economy is built

Today, nature degradation and exceeding planetary boundaries in relation to natural capital is a systemic risk to economic stability & resilience. An estimated $44 trillion of economic value threatened by biodiversity declines and ecosystem collapse – equal to over half of the world’s total GDP (World Economic Forum, 2021).


NatureAlpha fills the gap in ESG metrics for transparent, science-led asset-level insights on biodiversity and nature at scale, incorporating the body of knowledge brought forth by scientific literature. We remain committed to working at the nexus of finance, technology and academia to support the integration of nature risk into mainstream capital allocation decisions and enable a new wave of nature risk reporting. 


The NatureAlpha platform gives investors the information they need to reduce their exposure to biodiversity-related risk, and enable them to ensure that their investments have a net-positive impact on nature. Our engagement strategy involves private and public sector interactions, with an emphasis on integration into sustainability insights in the largest investment markets in the world. 

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Solving today's
tomorrow's world

A move to nature focus is happening now driven by regulation (TNFD, Article 29, SFDR) and investor demand.  Global ESG assets are expected to track USD 53tr by 2025, or more than a third of our global asset base (USD 140tr), yet nature is largely absent from mainstream ESG data.


There's a growing realisation from financial institutions and regulators of the need to consider climate and nature risks in parallel; COP 26 highlighted the growing awareness that if institutions ignore nature, it is less likely that they will be able to solve and adhere to their climate change commitments.


This driving a need for nature-related risk and impact metrics allowing investors to price these risks into their investment theses. We strive to solve this need harnessing our expertise in technology and our commitment to academia and science.

Our vision

For the global economy to work

for nature as well as for investors,

 and every dollar invested in global capital markets aligned with nature-positive outcomes.

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Giving back

NatureAlpha’s mission includes an explicit commitment to give back through its business model, to academic conservation science and data science research teams, and a network of field conservation NGOs and scientists in order to ensure our impact is real and sustainable.

We have also contributed to frontline conservation through our business model, which provides a revenue share to NGO data providers, and the development of one of the world's first scaled, science-backed biodiversity credits through the Wallacea Trust.

Sustainability Policy
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