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Asset managers

Asset managers & asset owners

NatureAlpha enables asset managers & owners to calculate their investment’s biodiversity and natural capital profile. Metrics comprise a full suite of nature riskbiodiversity impact, avoided impact and biodiversity footprint metrics, alongside forward-looking nature value-at-risk metrics.

Banks & financial institutions

Banks & financial institutions

NatureAlpha allows banks and financial institutions to understand and report on their biodiversity and natural capital risks through a custom-built portal.

Banks & financial institutions

ESG analysts & sustainability professionals

NatureAlpha supports ESG analysts and sustainability professionals to access science-based, transparent information, providing analysis and nature risk reporting.

Technology-powered insights, covering nature, biodiversity & beyond

NatureAlpha’s core data model supports portfolio analysis, SFDR, TNFD, EUDR and related requirements.

Services: Services
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135+ metrics, powering your analysis. 

From impacts to dependencies, footprinting to geolocation insight, NatureAlpha offers a suite of data solutions from Biodiversity Impact to Nature Risk and stewardship modules. 


Banks & financial institutions

Geospatial & science-led Insights, including IBAT.

Scenarios: Agence de Agence Française de Développement, 2022, Research Papers N° 266 | Global biodiversity scenarios: what do they tell us for Biodiversity-Related Financial Risks?


Banks & financial institutions

Capacity building 

Supporting your journey


In this new and evolving area, our team of investment and biodiversity specialists, environmental data scientists, systems architects and sustainability practitioners work closely with financial institutions and business to support solutions to their most pressing challenges. We provide expertise at the forefront of this cutting-edge field, supporting workshops, consultations and capacity building.

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